Welcome to Mindses space

In the beginning there was space

Well, okay, let's be more precise - a point, but immediately after that non-existent moment, space was constituted, and in it came motion. As a wave, it filled the universe and started moving particles. And sound appeared, not yet heard by anyone, but it was already there.

It doesn't hurt to start with some pathos, a founding myth. And there is no better beginning than the birth of the universe. Of course, we recognise the founding fathers of ambient music, and you will find extensive paragraphs about them on Wikipedia, but our idea is to promote listening to the music of the space rather than specific successive names. Welcome to MINDSES space.

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Sometimes music is just part of something bigger. Who better to understand this than the creators of background music - ambient. Sound in space has always been very important for us and its interaction and building up imagination, stimulating emotions in the listener, often crucial in deciding the final form of our music.

Find out why working with us is an interesting alternative to royalty free stock music and how we can help you to make your project even better.



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