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Why Music Label?

We know that ambient, like many contemporary music genres, is often the expression of a single person. A person who not only creates sounds on a daily basis, but is also busy with other projects. Each of these non-creative activities requires time. In order to reach the listener, an artist has to wade through a labyrinth of information, spend a lot of time on managing social media accounts, sending materials for review, keeping his listeners interested, creating algorithm-pleasing content and doing SEO work.

We can do some of this work for you!

At MINDSES we believe that in the age of fully democratized distribution channels - streaming services, video and music platforms, music sites - organizing ourselves into collectives and labels is incredibly important. Together, we can achieve so much more for ourselves and our music.

Every journey needs a first step. Our first step is to establish a label, focused on genre, not names.

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    If you make it into our team, you can expect such benefits:

    digital releases and appearance on relevant streaming portals;
    help, guidance and some budget to promote your music released by our label;
    contact with reviewers;
    web ads (social media);
    appearance on relevant and important playlists in streams and on youtube;
    assistance with graphic design, printing;
    potential vinyl records and cassettes released;
    technical assistance  related to music publishing;
    tips regarding the mixing and mastering of sound material;
    brokering and organising partnerships with companies that need music for their products;
    legal aid for publishing and commercial use of music;
    invitations to events and concerts organised by the label;
    booking and running concerts.

    Nowadays, making money from music creation is not an easy thing to do. Due to the multitude of available ways of listening, including free or very cheap ones, the number of performers, genres and tastes, it is not easy to persuade listeners to pay for the sound they listen to.

    What’s more, the ability to share music requires creators to invest money. And we don’t mean paid advertisements or special fireworks like music clips, but simple things, such as access to streaming services or subscription fees. We at Mindses do not believe that the way music is distributed can be changed. We believe that using today’s forms of distribution and existing tools can promote and sell music. Furthermore, we know that such sales require a huge amount of commitment, work and luck. We trust that by organising ourselves into a label, we will be able to do such tasks more efficiently.That thanks to  more resources, we will be able to establish vital cooperation with business partners and mediate between you, the artists, and the business.

    We assure transparency while cooperating with you. Without your creativity and work, we will not be able to reach out to contractors. As a Mindses will do a lot of unpleasant and time-consuming work like preparing legal agreements with business, invest in promotion, reach out the reviewers, prepare the graphics of your releases if necessary, pay releases fees for streaming services like Spotify/tidal/ Deezer, pay for ads and social media campaigns.